About us

Tandapharm Limited is a pharmaceutical company that deals in importation, distribution and marketing of pharmaceutical products, medical consumables, medical devices and equipment in Tanzania.

Besides our core pharmaceutical business in Tanzania, we are an integrated supplier with strong presence across the entire value chain from key Pharma intermediates to Active Pharmaceuticals ingredients (APIs) to formulations to biopharmaceuticals.

We are engaged in R&D activities for our customers and offer contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) to pharmaceutical companies’ worldwide. Utilizing over 15 years of personnel experience and success in the API industry, Tandapharm has created a customized and unique project management team, designed to fulfill our customers’ requirements with the highest quality products according to client timelines, specifications and regulatory requirements.

Our new and improved product support team composed of highly trained sales personnel and market researchers, who work closely with our approved GMP partner manufacturers and CRAMS organization’s to successfully develop products from the earliest conception stage up till product commercialization. We specializing in providing full options and expert regulatory support for the widest range of the rarest and newest molecules supplied from manufacturing partners with full compliance to strict cGMP guidelines and regulated by leading authorities such as WHO, WDQM, TG, US-FDA, UK-MHRA